A step-by-step on how to add your products for sale

The Local Heroes charter for adding products:

  • Only products created or processed in an artisanal manner in Switzerland and intended for the Swiss market are accepted
  • All imported products that are only for resale Switzerland are not accepted
  • With the exception of foreign artisans with a charitable purpose, selling for non-profit organisations

1. Add your business

Create your business’ profile on the platform via this form: https://local-heroes.ch/places/add

Creating your profile on the local heroes platform.

2. Claim it

Once the form is sent a profile is automatically created. Continue then to the bottom of the page to claim it and to manage your business page.

Claim your business to manage the page.

If you haven’t done it yet, you can create an account on https://local-heroes.ch/ to claim that you are the owner of the business.

Create your account if you haven't yet right here to continue setting up your page.

3. Access your business' profile

You will receive a confirmation by E-mail that we have validated your request.

As soon as you receive this email, you will have the possibility to modify your pages information and to add products (tab “My subscriptions” on your profile at the top right of the page).

By clicking on the top right corner button a list appears where you can then find your subscriptions.

4. Add products

Go to the Products tab and choose the “+ Add a product” option.

From this view, you can  also choose to modify your profile or post news that those who have subscribed to your business will receive.

Go to the product tab to add your products.

5. Complete the form

Enter the name of the item, its category, its price and its description (maximum 500 characters).

Add beautiful photos and publish your product!

Fill in the form to add an article.

6. View your product

Your product will immediately be visible online. 

To purchase it, those interested can contact you by email when selecting the option to contact you or choose to visit your site to obtain more information, if you already listed your website when creating your profile.

Your beautiful products will now be showcased on the local heroes platform.