Our spring update and 5 benefits you can get from it


Spring has finally arrived and so have new features on Local Heroes! Besides a language update, now having the site also available in Italian and Portuguese, we implemented the creation and edition of local activities, from cooking classes to martial arts courses, all now readily available on Local Heroes. So what does this all mean to you? Well here are five new benefits you can enjoy as a local business owner or as someone searching for a local hero:


1. Catering to and growing the current community

By offering services now on our platform, we have opened up more opportunities for businesses that don’t necessarily offer a physical product (see our product update from December 2020). Any local hero that offers a service, or more specifically a workshop, dance classes, horse riding courses, whatever your heart desires that exists as an activity in Switzerland can now be offered on Local Heroes! As a supportive community it’s also the chance to add your favourites, by letting other people know what they’ve been missing out on and help grow local businesses around you.

2. Becoming more inclusive

The site was available previously in French, German and English. Now with the addition of Portuguese and Italian, we’ve opened our doors to a wider portion of the Swiss community and made Local Heroes more user friendly.

3. Aiding home office workers

In a time when we are more at home and keeping a routine is even more of a challenge, starting a new activity is the perfect opportunity to get back on track. So if you ever feel like taking up a new hobby, our platform will provide plenty of ideas on which you can start with.

4. Boosting awareness for both parties

Our new activities feature has just boosted awareness on both sides. If you are a business that weren’t able to be present on Local Heroes before due to the type of activity, you can now showcase what you have to offer on our site. As a user, you can now discover more activities around you that you may never have known existed, or if you recognise one you’ve always wanted to try, go right ahead and contact the hero!

5. Bonus – Creative and personalised gift ideas!

It’s also the perfect gift idea for a good friend or family member. Instead of shopping online at a non-Swiss website, win two-fold by supporting your local industry and making someone you care about happy by reserving a class that you know they will love to experience. 


You can find more information on the type of services available, available times, the price for the session, contact to book through, and other features right on the new activities pages


And if you think of a workshop or class you took in Switzerland that you really loved, make sure the hero offering the activity is present on the platform and that he adds it! Not only are you helping support a local business that you are fond of, but letting other people know about them and enjoy such an experience as well.