Celebrate together the 1st anniversary of Local Heroes with a virtual Treasure Hunt!

Already one year of Local Heroes, let’s celebrate it together! For the occasion, we have launched a grand virtual treasure hunt on our platform with vouchers to win, to be spent at a business of your choice.

The Prizes

Vouchers to be spent on your favourite heroes!

Daily Vouchers

Throughout 5 days, win daily vouchers with a value of CHF 35.-!

A "Super Voucher"

A special voucher of CHF 250.- to be won by the most dedicated players who find the correct answer every day!

How to play?

Vouchers of CHF 35.-

From the 24th to the 28th of March, we are posting every day a clue accompanied with a postal code, within the crossword puzzle grill.

With the help of this clue you can find the right answer – the name of a hero on our platform. The clue can either refer to the first photo of the hero or their description. Note that the postal code doesn’t correspond exactly with that hero, so don’t be afraid to keep scrolling!

How it works:

  1. Take the known clue with thecrossword puzzle grill
  2. Go to the platform and enter the given postal code
  3. Find the corresponding hero
  4. Return here and verifz that the hero’s name is the number of letters in the grill (spaces excluded)
  5. Enter your response in the form provided for this purpose

The winner will finally be picked from those that provided the correct response.

Super-Voucher of CHF 250.-

To win this voucher, you must must find all the heroes from the daily CHF 35.- vouchers contest. You will then be automatically qualified for the final drawing to win the CHF250.- voucher!

And don’t panic, if you haven’t participated yet, you can still find evyerthing and send all the answers at once to qualify for the super voucher!

Crossword puzzle with clues

The answers will be posted the very next day!


  • Thursday 25th - 1: There is a super-hero on their photo! - Postal code: 2000
  • Saturday 27th - 4: Delicious artisanal beers to be discovered - Postal code: 1200
  • Sunday 28th - 5: At the age of 30, the hero wanted to sign his own wines, his own artisanal wines - Postalcode: 1260


  • Wednesday 24th - 2: Toys that make children very happy - Postalcode: 1170
  • Friday 26th - 3: This heroine has acquired a large knowledge of herbs and their effects, thanks to her involvement with nature - Postalcode: 5300

Win the prize of the day!

You think you have the right response? Fill in the form below and try and win your voucher!

    The winners

    Jour 1

    Local Heroes Shop Local SuperMan

    won CHF 35.- to spend at a hero of his choice!

    Jour 2

    has won CHF 35.- to spend at a hero of her choice!

    Jour 3

    Local Heroes Shop Local SuperMan

    won CHF 35.- to spend at a hero of his choice!

    Jour 4

    Luminita Bavetta
    has won CHF 35.- to spend at a hero of her choice!

    Jour 5

    Local Heroes Shop Local SuperMan

    won CHF 35.- to spend at a hero of his choice!


    Local Heroes Shop Local SuperMan

    has won CHF 250.- to spend at a hero of their choice!

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